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I've been meaning to do a blog post about all of the GREAT FREE mysteries I've found lately - so today I thought I would get down to it.  I read most of my books on my Kindle or my iPad with the Kindle app.  I am a HUGE mystery lover - Agatha Christie being my all time favorite author.  I tend to lean toward British mysteries - not sure why that is.  So without further delay ....

 The Red House Mystery
AA Milne
Who knew that the author of Winnie the Pooh had written such a wonderful mystery? I certainly didn't! I found this as I was looking for freebies to read - and I would have paid money to read this one! AA Milne had me from the start with an AWESOME dedication to his father. From the first page I was smitten! Review:  This droll whodunit from the creator of Winnie the Pooh sparkles with witty dialogue, deft plotting, and an amusing cast. In between taking tea and playing billiards, an amateur detective and his chum investigate their genial host's disappearance. A series of lighthearted capers ensues, replete with secret passageways, underwater evidence, and other atmospheric devices.'

Link to the FREE Amazon e-book -   The Red House Mystery 

Dr Thorndyke Mysteries
R. Austin Freeman

It amazes me how much like a "CSI" type read this is….. and this was written WAY before CSI (the TV show) was even thought about.  A bit "Sherlock" like …. and that's another reason why I love these.

So far I've read:
The Red Thumb Mark
Synopsis from
Before "Bones", before "CSI", before "Quincy,M.E." there was Dr. John Thorndyke. In The Red Thumb Mark valuable diamonds are missing and the thumb print of Reuben Hornby is discovered in a drop of blood on a paper at the bottom of the safe. The experts of Scotland Yard are all in agreement. It would seem an open and shut case. Or is it? For reasons known only to himself, Dr. John Thorndyke has doubts about the authenticity and origins of the evidence. Now he must make his case in open court using the latest techniques of Edwardian science to prove the innocence of a young man. Will he succeed, or will the case of "The Red Thumb Mark" prove to be not only his first, but his last case.

- Link to FREE Amazon e-bookThe Red Thumb Mark


The Eye of Osiris
Synopsis from
In The Eye of Osiris, John Bellingham, noted Egyptologist vanished not once but twice in the same day. Two years later Dr, John Thorndyke must unravel the tangled claims on his estate and solve the riddle of the missing man. Is the dismembered body who's various remains start appearing at sites across the landscape that of John Bellingham? If so, how did he die, who killed him, and as important to Dr. Thorndyke's clients, when was he killed? Using the latest techniques of Edwardian forensic science, Dr. John Thorndyke must answer these questions and bring the case of "The Eye of Osiris" to a successful conclusion.
Link to FREE Amazon e-book - The Eye of Osiris

I admit I had the Red Thumb Mark figured out quite early and The Eye of Osiris I had the "who" figured out but not the why. 

I'm currently reading Ngaio Marsh.  Are you familiar with her?   Amazon had a 4 book bundle on sale for $9.99 - so I picked it up…. and can't put it down!


The first one is:  

Enter a Murderer
Synopsis from
The script of the Unicorn Theatre's new play uncannily echoes a quarrel in the star's dressing room. And the stage drama gets all too real when charming Felix Gardener shoots his blustering rival, Arthur Surbonardier, dead-with a gun Arthur himself loaded with blanks. Or did he? How the live bullets got there, and why, make for a convoluted case that pits Inspector Roderick Alleyn against someone who rates an Oscar for a murderously clever performance.

I've finished this one and it was SUPERB!  I must admit - I've fallen in LOVE with Inspector Alleyn and with Nigel!

I've started the Second one 

Death in Ecstasy  
From the beginning it's got me HOOKED!  I'll update this post when I've finished it.
Synopsis from
When lovely Cara Quayne dropped dead to the floor after drinking the ritual wine at the House of the Sacred Flame, she was having a religious experience of a sort unsuspected by the other initiates. Discovering how the fatal prussic acid got into the bizarre group’s wine is but one of the perplexing riddles that confronts Scotland Yard’s Inspector Roderick Alleyn when he’s called to discover who sent this wealthy cult member to her death.

The other two (which I have not started) in the set are

Synopsis from
The plot centers on a traveling theatrical troupe in New Zealand. One of the cast members was a minor character in Enter a Murderer, and refers to that case early in the story.


Synopsis from
The plot concerns a murder during a village theatrical performance; Sergei Rachmaninoff’s Prelude in C-sharp minor plays a prominent part in the story. So does a “Venetian Suite” by Ethelbert Nevin. The murder weapon is a pistol hidden in a piano.

What you you reading??  


Michelle said...

I am about to start, "Turn Right at Machu Picchu", at the suggestion of a friend. Thanks for the recommendations!

Carol L McKenna said...

Wow! Great post ~ love mystery books and belong to a mystery book club at local library ~ thanx ^_^

(A Creative Harbor)

Leena said...

Do you know sites of Gutenberg? Old books are waiting there for reading :)
thank you for your visit my blog and good 2013 !

Mary said...

I'm a mystery lover, too! Mike has found me tons of free mysteries for my Nook. There is also a program that will let you change Nooks to Kindles or vise versa or even from PDF's. I've been reading through all the Agatha Christie's and think that I actually found a few that I had never read before. I have shared mysteries with a friend who has a Kindle, so if you need more mysteries email me and I might have some you don't have...I think the files would send easily. Isn't it wonderful to have tons of books on one little pad to read? I didn't think I would like it at first but now I love it! I've never read that Milne mystery...will have to try it. Did you ever read Sara Woods? I haven't been able to find them for Nook or Kindle, but have been buying them used on Amazon. They are about an English barrister named Antony Maitland. I like them a lot for some reason.

Happyone said...

I'm reading the old fashioned way - a real book. : )

Right now I'm reading Winter Sea by Susanna Kearsley.

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