Beautiful Things Happen

I have been completely AMAZED at how much
Beauty can be found in Winter.
old and withered
still hanging on 

 In the winter, the world gets sharp. Beautiful things happen. 
 ~ Peter Fiore


happyone said...

You are right there is lots of beauty all around us even in winter! All of your pictures show that. :-)
As I was walking on my path today I was amazed that so many trees still have leaves on them. I guess they will be there until the new leaves push them off.

Jenty said...

That first photo is simply beautiful!

Old Wom Tigley said...

I saw many like this tody Kerri, but was also lucky to see Snowdrops and one or two primrose in flower.

Hope you like this peom...

The Leaf and the Tree

When will you learn, myself, to be
a dying leaf on a living tree?
Budding, swelling, growing strong,
Wearing green, but not for long,
Drawing sustenance from air,
That other leaves, and you not there,
May bud, and at the autumn's call
Wearing russet, ready to fall?
Has not this trunk a deed to do
Unguessed by small and tremulous you?
Shall not these branches in the end
To wisdom and the truth ascend?
And the great lightning plunging by
Look sidewise with a golden eye
To glimpse a tree so tall and proud
It sheds its leaves upon a cloud?

Here, I think, is the heart's grief:
The tree, no mightier than the leaf,
Makes firm its root and spreads it crown
And stands; but in the end comes down.
That airy top no boy could climb
Is trodden in a little time
By cattle on their way to drink.
The fluttering thoughts a leaf can think,
That hears the wind and waits its turn,
Have taught it all a tree can learn.
Time can make soft that iron wood.
The tallest trunk that ever stood,
In time, without a dream to keep,
Crawls in beside the root to sleep.

Edna St Vincent Millay


Another one I think of when out walking the woodland paths atthis time of year.

dot said...

They make very pretty pictures!

June said...

They whisper to us about a more vibrant time...

Jeff B said...

I've been sniveling and whining about winter this year, and you've done a great job of capturing its beauty. All a matter of perspective I suppose.

imac said...

Poor lonely leaves.

dailyphotographer said...

great close-up shot of the dried leaf. I also saw your sunset shot. love sunsets. You've got great stuff here. wanna exchange link? Will link you up:D

Sand said...

Even browns are beautiful!

Larry D said...

Kerri you have a great eye, this is good stuff.

Lilli & Nevada said...

Funny how leaves can give us such pleasure to look at

RuneE said...

You ate magnificent in this - the first one with the leaf in solitary splendour for me, please!

Thank you for a nice comment!

Laurie said...

This is a beautiful series.

I've been so uninspired by the light this winter. It seems every time I have the time and opportunity to go out to shoot, the light is just awful.

Lara said...

...and more wonderful shots! you have such a great eye for these details!

Anita Bower said...

I, too, like the warm colors of the leaves in winter. Having a photoblog pushes me outside to take photos I wouldn't otherwise take, opening me up to see the beauty that is everywhere all the time.

Bud Cline said...

Kerri, it would be fun to tag along with you on a hike - you do have the eye for these last bits of color in what is otherwise a bleak scene.

Heidi said...

Love the leaves/views in these past two posts. Very nice.

DeeMom said...

lovely Kerri, I agree Tom's Poem is great

Luke said...

this is a fine group of shots!

Luke said...

this is a fine group of shots!

photowannabe said...

Yes, that's what blogging will do to you. Everything looks different and I know I see detail like never before.
Really wonderful closeups of the withered leaves. Very artfully done.

Willard said...

I like these photographs a lot.

They made me realize that as much as I enjoy this type of subject, that I have not been photographing anything like this lately and need to devote some attention to this type of photograph.

Keep up the good work!

Andrée said...

It is beautiful when I see it through your eyes. I see winter on a bigger scale; but you are teaching me to view it smaller and it's a great experience.

Marvin said...

Beautiful leaves. I especially like the one on top.

Robert said...

Nicely done, Kerri.

Ms. Math said...

Winter truly can be beautiful and I'm glad you're showing us that beauty.

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