Butterflies at the Cascades

Spring Butterfly at the Cascades
(Cabbage White perhaps?)

If you've ever been on a "butterfly hunt" as I call knowthat once you get up to these little guys....they usually fly away... and leave you without a shot. Well....this one hung around a little while.

One of my favorites of Spring - Mourning Cloak Butterfly

Be infinitely flexible and constantly amazed.
― Jason Kravitz


The Cascades

Taken at the Cascades in the Jefferson National Forest.
During this visit we didn't have time to do the hike - 4 miles round trip....but just
seeing the area leading up to the hiking trail was a real treat.
There is a 69ft water fall at the top.

More info about The Cascades: HERE


Looking Up

From a squirrel's perspective :)
I got as close to the tree as I could.....and then looked up....and took the shot.
I liked how the branches looked against the clouds.

Invisible wings guide them
Endless possibilities

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Watching the Birds

American Robin

Male Downy Woodpecker


Nobody can discover the world for somebody else. Only when we discover it for ourselves does it become common ground and a common bond and we cease to be alone.
~ Wendell Berry

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Relax Refresh Renew

This Canada Goose was on the pond at the Izaak Walton Park 

I thought he was so cute diving under!
Bottom's UP!
And this was as we were leaving. Those lines on the left are the reflections of the trees.
Relax. Refresh. Renew. Play. Sing. Laugh. Enjoy. Forgive. Dance. Love. Hug. Share. Kiss. Create. Explore. Hope. Listen. Dare. Trust. Dream. Learn. TODAY!
Steve Maraboli 


Skywatch Friday 03-21-08

The first blooms on a tree at the Izaak Walton Park
last Sunday afternoon.
One of my favorite places :) Happy Friday Everyone!
If you want to participate in Skywatch Friday...visit Tom at
Wiggers Worldfor all of the details

This Sunday we celebrate Easter.
Happy Easter to all of those who celebrate!


Watching the Wild

White Breasted Nuthatch
  squirrel coming down the tree :)
  Tufted Titmouse
grabbing up some seed from the ground. Mmmmm Yummy!

And another squirrel...that seemed to be watching me intently.

As long as I live, I'll hear waterfalls and birds and winds sing. I'll interpret the rocks, learn the language of flood, storm, and the avalanche. I'll acquaint myself with the glaciers and wild gardens, and get as near the heart of the world as I can.
― John Muir



I found this bug/flying critter at Bissett Park yesterday.
He just sat there on this bud. He was TINY!

A Male Red-Bellied Woodpecker

I had the most Amazing Experience yesterday!
A Carolina Chickadee ate seed directly from my HAND!
I have never feed a wild bird from my hand was AWESOME!

An update on the Boys Basketball Team.....they came in
Fourth Place at Nationals. They were playing many teams across the
United I thought that was pretty awesome too.
We are so proud of them!


Suet and Seed Lovers

  Tufted Titmouse cracking open a Sunflower Seed.
A Male Cardinal balancing himself.

  Female Cardinal has suet on her beak....she
just finished eating on the suet cake.

all of these were taken thru the glass door

bird framed prints


Against The Sky

Branches against the sky 

Flying across the sky

Wings in the Sky 

It is a HAWK! 

Earth and sky, woods and fields, lakes and rivers, the mountain and the sea, are excellent schoolmasters, and teach some of us more than we can ever learn from books. 
- John Lubbock


ABC Wednesday.....H is For

HIDING....A Cardinal hiding behind the branches.

Have you ever played??
This is FUN FUN FUN.
When I was a youngster we had plastic HORSESHOES so
that when/if we HIT anyone when we threw them(by accident of course)
no one would get HURT. These guys can be HEAVY.

This HOLE would make a good HIDING place for
some creature.

HUBBY and I found this HIVE when we were at Bissett Park
in November.

And Finally.........
My Son cutting down the net!
We Won our State High School Basketball Championship this year
for our division!
The boys are currently in Dayton TN playing at the
National Championship Tournament.
Go Lions!

horseshoes art


Remind Yourself....

White Breasted Nuthatch

Tufted Titmouse -  such SWEET birds 

Red-bellied Woodpecker (female)

Turn your attention for a while away from the worries and anxieties. Remind yourself of all your many blessings.   
- Ralph Marston

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Watching The Birds

Sometimes he thinks he
Rules the Roost

Goldfinch on the "finch sock" filled with Nyger Seed

Male Cardinal stops for a Drink 

Cardinal....After the drink :)
All of these were taken thru the sliding glass door that leads
onto our deck - so there may be a little distortion.

When was the last time you spent a quiet moment just doing nothing - just sitting and looking at the sea, or watching the wind blowing the tree limbs, or waves rippling on a pond, a flickering candle or children playing in the park? 
- Ralph Marston

birds photos

cardinal framed prints


Looking Up

The air up there in the clouds is very pure and fine, bracing and delicious. And why shouldn't it be?--it is the same the angels breathe.
~ Mark Twain

I found this nest at the Izaak Walton Park - I wonder who lives here?
 “Home is the nicest word there is.”
~ Laura Ingalls Wilder

A sunset viewed from my front porch.
 “There is no way in which a man can earn a star or deserve a sunset.” 
G.K. Chesteron

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