A Bird Story

As many of you know, my passion for photography started
back in June of 2007.
With this passion also came a passion for Nature which
I had never had before. Especially a passion for Birds!
At the beginning of this 2008 my hopes were to see
an Indigo Bunting. My children had given me
a beautiful calendar with birds on it for
Christmas and I saw an Indigo Bunting...and I wanted to see one
FOR REAL. wish came true that Spring.

I believe this is a juvenile or molting Indigo Bunting.
From what I have read, they do not get there completely Blue
feathers until they are in their 3rd year.

Possibly an Adult (or close to adult) Male.
I cannot tell you the joy I felt at seeing these birds.

 Indigo Bunting
A Beautiful Blue Treasure
My heart Sings
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