Bare Trees

When one sees the tree in leaf, one thinks the beauty of the tree is in it's leaves, and then one sees the bare tree.
Sarah Brana Barak


happyone said...

I kind of feel the same way you do about Christmas. We have gotten so far off the track of what Christmas is all about. I don't buy gifts anymore but just give away things I bake or make, and I do it all year long.
I too like when the holidays are over.
Both of your photos are wonderful just like they always are!!!

CG said...

I understand. For me, Christmas often feels melancholy. i miss my parents and friends no longer in my life. There is the pressure to make everything "perfect" and it all ends up so stressful. I love your peaceful trees!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

I echo the thoughts of wishing for after Christmas.I love what Christmas really is ,not what the world has made it.I will determine to celebrate Jesus and what He means to me,my gifts to others are secondary.Love your picture.

Becky and Gary said...

I know what you mean, and the closer it gets to the 25th the worse it gets. Did I forget anyone, and the worse one- What if someone gets me something, and I forgot them...Personally I'd rather be with family and friends listening to beautiful Christmas music, exchanging one gift with one person, and going to midnight church services.

June said...

We've long stopped exchanging gifts...even token ones. No stress.
Of course, there are no children involved to think about. I go to Christmas Eve services, and then on Christmas we go to a movie and a Chinese restaurant. That's it. By the way, you're getting really good at moving targets :-)

Ms. Math said...

Sorry to hear that the holiday season has you stressed out! Your photo is beautiful!

Max-e said...

Hi Kerri, must say i like your new look. Yes, I agree with you about Christmas - we have stopped the present thing, except for the grand children, and take this as an opportunity for quality time with the family.
Hope you have a really blessed Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

Max-e said...

and about being a tree...I don't think so. Imagine being the poor tree in the park with all the dogs or the on that gets its branches lopped off for Christmas trees.. :)
Maybe I could be one in a nature reserve where I can just watch life pass by.

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