Heart in the Sand

Hubby and I found a zillion heart shaped shells during our vacation.  These hearts just jump right out at me!  You can see it, right?? (sometimes I wonder if I'm imagining these things!)
While streaming Pandora recently I found a GREAT new (to me) artist - Patrick Park.  Have you heard of him?
A Link to one of his Videos on You Tube - HERE 

Part of the lyrics of this song:

We live our lives 
Like hands are tied 
And dead in days of dreaming 
Embrace the race 
Of every days 
But forsake the feeling 

Are we killing time 
While these days unwind? 

 We can't see past our own sad stories 
And wonder what we're missing 
We can't see past our own sad stories 
And forget how to listen


Della said...

That is a beautiful and perfect heart in the sand you found! You should drill it and make a pendant for a necklace.

I haven't heard of Patrick Park, but I'll go Google and see what I can learn, and find him on Pandora.

heyBJK said...

Wonderful looking shells!

dAwN said...

Oh darn..I don't see the heart.. :(

dAwN said...

I see it now!

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