With Enthusiasm!

Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.  
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

You are probably wondering what the title of this post, the quote, and the clouds have to do with each other.  Well..... as I was walking along one of my favorite trails I saw these clouds and I thought to myself ... "those clouds look like an exclamation point".  (you have to use your imagination a bit) You see, I have a "thing" for exclamation points.  If you have a blog and I've commented on it - you know that I am VERY GENEROUS with my exclamation points.  I don't think of them as a "shouting" mark but as a mark to get my point across that I am enthusiastic about something.  So I kept thinking to myself ... should I post this, will my readers see it as I do, or am I just being fanciful.  In the end, I kept coming back to the pic ..... and it won the battle waging in my mind!  Now tell me..... do you see it?

For some interesting info on the Exclamation Point from Wikipedia 
Click HERE
I especially like the theory of it's origin :) 
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