Male Hummingbird

This is the first picture of a male hummingbird that I've been able to capture this year. I've seen a lot of females but few males. The females started coming to our feeder around the end of April/beginning of May. A male started visiting us at the beginning of August. Now we have about 6 (male and female) that frequent our feeder. They are a sight to see! And Very protective of the food source. I was out at lunch snapping a few pictures and they even buzzed our dog Yoshi. Of course, he thought it was a fly and tried to catch it. Good thing they are fast!

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Corey Bienert said...

Haven't seen one of those guys since when I used to live back in California.

There quick little guys.

I remember reading somewhere that they are the only bird that can fly backwards.

They're like little helicopters.

utenzi said...

I've had very bad luck trying to get pictures of hummingbirds this year. They just won't come around when I'm outside. Flightly little critters!

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