The End of a Wonderful Year

Today is the last day of 2007.
I have to admit, 2007
has been quite an eyeopener.
I had two minor surgeries and a cancer scare.....
and it really got me thinking about life.....
my life.....and my loved ones.
I think God sometimes gives us little nudges....and
I believe He nudged me this year.
You see, before this year I was a complete coach potato.
I never went outside and enjoyed the air, the trees, the flowers,
the wildlife.....somtimes I think I never enjoyed living.
I was a huge worrier....about work, about home, about kids,
about hubby, about parents and siblings.
This year He taught me to slow down and ENJOY life
and that He is in control.
And He showed me how beautiful and precious life is.

So my final post for 2007 are pictures that are quite
ordinary...but that I find so beautiful.

To All My Dear Blogging Friends....Happy New Year
I hope only the best for you in 2008!
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