Inside The Burning Bush

White-throated Sparrow in the "Burning Bush"

"In the garden of my life 
I'm done with anger, done with strife. 
 I cultivate my own few joys
 far from this culture's buzzing noise. 

 Colonnade and marketplace, 
fame's small change and money's race, 
academe's cold haughty tower -- 
have no meaning, hold no power. 

 Letting go of shoulds and oughts, 
I concentrate on greener thoughts 
and find as I fulfill my soul 
that things spin calmly in control, 

that though events conspire still, 
they tend to bend towards my will. 
No greater cause achieves the measure 
than that of my own reasoned pleasure." 
- Peter Saint-Andre, In the Garden

1 comment:

Ruth Hiebert said...

Cute little bird surrounded by the pretty leaves.

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