New River Trail State Park - Pulaski Virginia

“The world is yours to explore.”

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Well, if I can't explore the world, at least I can explore my little part of Virginia.
Jim and I visited a new (to us) portion of
The New River Trail State Park. The beginning of the trail is
in Pulaski, Virginia. As you walk about a 1/2 mile or so, you come upon this view - another converted train trestle.
I was much less scared to cross this one. It was about 60 ft high over Peak Creek, which was running swiftly after the rain we've had. The neat thing about this trestle is that it is curved. You cannot see around the curve of the trestle all of the way to the other end. It was another great day of exploring local sights.


Ruth Hiebert said...

It sure makes for a beautiful picture.

happyone said...

A beautiful place to walk.

marygems said...

Love seeing other parts of the world, especially Fall colours.
I'm in Wellington New Zealand and I always enjoy your posts.
Thank you!

Richard Pegler said...

A beautiful image! That train trestle has provided a fabulous addition to the trail, Kerri. In UK many of our disused train tracks have been converted for use as footpaths and cycle tracks, but few are as spectacular as that.

Rose L said...

Lovely! I want to venture up the trail.

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