A Perfect Spring Day

                                                 "An altered look about the hills; 
A Tyrian light the village fills; 
A wider sunrise in the dawn; 
A deeper twilight on the lawn; 
A print of a vermilion foot; 
A purple finger on the slope; 
A flippant fly upon the pane; 
A spider at his trade again; A
n added strut in chanticleer; 
A flower expected everywhere ..." 
- Emily Dickinson, Nature: April

 Yesterday was one of the most beautiful Spring Days 
that I can remember. 
A bit of a chill in the air - but bright sunshine! 
These tulips were calling to me - at the Hahn Garden in Blacksburg, VA

Print Available - HERE 


happyone said...

What a beautiful photo!! It certainly says SPRING.

Ruth Hiebert said...

A gorgeous picture that says SPRING.

Rose L said...

Lovely. It is gorgeous here in Oregon, too!

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