Simple Things and Great Pleasure

I have found that some of the simplest things have given me the most pleasure. They didn't cost me a lot of money either. They just worked on my senses. Did you ever pick very large blueberries after a summer rain Walk through a grove of cottonwoods, open like a park, and see the blue sky beyond the shimmering gold of the leaves? Pull on dry woolen socks after you've peeled off the wet ones? Come in out of the subzero and shiver yourself warm in front of a wood fire? The world is full of such things. 
 ~ Richard Proenneke

I'm adding to his list of simple things:  
Birds Singing, Bees Buzzing, Butterflies Fluttering
What are some of the simple things in life that bring you great pleasure?

Happy One Suggested I add this to my Nature Store - so I did!  
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