Redbud Blossoms

"How many million Aprils came 
 before I ever knew 
 how white a cherry bough could be, 
 a bed of squills, how blue 
 And many a dancing April 
 when life is done with me, 
 will lift the blue flame of the flower 
 and the white flame of the tree 
 Oh burn me with your beauty then, 
 oh hurt me tree and flower, 
 lest in the end death try to take 
 even this glistening hour..." -
 Sara Teasdale

Print Available - HERE 


happyone said...

Red bud trees are so pretty. Used to see quite a few of them around the lake I used to walk around before we moved. I once lived on Red Bud Court, but there were no red bud trees.

Ruth Hiebert said...

Beautiful and so delicate,

Margaret Adamson said...

beautiful close up of part of the blooms. Have a great week ahead.

Rose L said...

I love mine, which has a redder color. I also love hydrangeas!

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